KATA KT Reflex E

The KATA KT Reflex E is a valuable strap upgrade for users of DSLR’s especially those who have camera backpacks that have rings to attach the strap to on the shoulder straps.  Many companies make backpacks that have these rings, and the Kata Reflex E strap can be used with almost any of them.  It’s sturdy, well-made and distributes the weight of the camera much more evenly over your shoulder by increasing the area in contact with your shoulder.

All of these quick release style straps with hooks are interchangeable and work with all brands of backpacks, so get the strap that is most comfortable for you, and don’t worry about having to buy the same brand as your bag.

Kata D-Light Owl

This is a great backpack that allows you to carry your laptop, DSLR with grip and 70-200mm lens attached as well as a number of other lenses, flashes, and other accessories.  The biggest plus of this bag is the side zipper that allows you to pull out your camera without having to lay the bag down.  All you have to do is drop one shoulder strap and reach over the side of the bag, just like you would do with a sling style bag.  The downside to those sling bags is generally size, and it is difficult to carry a significant quantity of gear for an extended period of time.

Rings are included on the straps to attach a camera that has quick release style straps that utilize a hook or clip system.  This greatly reduces neck strain and is very convenient if you need your hands free.

The top section of the bag as plenty of space for other personal items and small accessories such as batteries, memory cards, lens or body caps, filters, etc.

The price is great compared to other similarly sized bags of this level of quality.  It doesn’t look too rectangular, which bothers me about other camera bags.

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